Affectionately known as the "Soul Mafia", the Caister DJ team, along with the many special guest DJ`s at each event, will be on hand to indulge you and to ensure that you have the party of a lifetime.

The original Soul Mafia DJ team of the early days of Caister has undergone several changes over the years to create the ultimate team for this millennia... "THE NEW SOUL MAFIA"

This legendary team represent the epitome of purveyors of the finest Soul and Jazz/Funk. The DJ's listed below can be seen and heard at Caister Weekenders in the various venues, at the BBQ, on Caister Radio or on Caister TV.



C52 Djs

C51 Djs

C50 Djs

C49 Djs

C48 Djs

C47 Djs

C46 Djs

C45 Djs

C44 Djs

C43 Djs

C42 Djs

C41 Djs

C40 Djs

C39 Djs

C38 Djs

C37 Djs

C36 Djs

C35 Djs

C34 Djs

C33 Djs

C32 Djs

C31 Djs

C30 Djs

C29 Djs

C28 Djs

C27 Djs

C26 Djs

C25 Djs

C24 Djs

C23 DJs

Award Winning DJs



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