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If you like our promotional video why not download it for your mobile, it'll make it easier for those moments when people say "So what's it like then?" Whip out your mobile and show them instead.

There are two versions, both a 20Mb download.

This one's for phones that use 3gp for video, Right click here and Save Target As
And this one for iPhones etc using mp4 Right click here and Save Target As

If other versions are required give us a shout and we'll see what we can do . . .


Each of the pictures below links to a larger version that you can download (Right Click a Picture and select Save As to download)- these make ideal backgrounds for your desktop, and serve as a constant reminder of THE WORLDS GREATEST SOUL MUSIC EVENT!

Caister May 1996 Caister Autumn 1996
Caister May 1997 Caister Autumn 1997
Caister May 1998 Caister October 1998
Caister May 1999 Caister October 1999 New Year 1999

Caister May 2000

Caister October 2000
Caister May 2001 Caister September 2001
Caister May 2002 Caister October 2002 New Year 2002
Caister May 2003 Caister October 2003
Caister May 2004 Caister October 2004 New Year 2004
Caister May 2005 Caister October 2005 New Year 2005
Caister May 2006 Caister October 2006
Caister May 2007 Caister September 2007
Caister May 2008 Caister September 2008 Caister September 2008
Caister May 2009 Caister September 2009 Caister Golf
Caister May 2010 Caister October 2010
Caister May 2011 Caister October 2011
Caister May 2012 Caister September 2012
Caister May 2013 Caister September 2013
Caister May 2014 Caister September 2014
Caister May 2015 Caister September 2015
Caister May 2016 Caister September 2016
Caister May 2017 Caister September 2017
Caister May 2018 Caister September 2018
Caister May 2019 Caister September 2019
Caister September 2020 Caister May 2021 Caister New Years Eve 2020

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