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The Caister Weekender has regularly sold out at least a month before the event and future events will be no exception. That is why we are able to offer various commercial opportunities for selected companies and individuals that want to play a bigger part in the weekender.

Below you will find details for various kinds of activity however this is not an exhaustive list. The Caister Weekender promotions team are always looking at new ideas and suggestions and would be happy to discuss any plans that third parties may have.


There are various points throughout the site that can be set-aside for POS material and / or teams to promote your brand. As the extent of each promotion varies all costs will be looked at individually.


Sampling has been one of the most popular ways of getting brands in front of guests at the Caister Weekender there is the opportunity for you distribute samples to each person attending the event within individual rooms and VIP areas or even distribute products directly to acts appearing at the weekender. Sampling can take place at:

Individual Rooms or in every room on any night of your choice.
On arrival along with event programme distribution.
By delivery to each individual unit of accommodation, before or during the event.
Vip rooms
DJ’s/acts backstage.


The Caister Weekender has varying degrees of sponsorship opportunities that brands can become involved with. From partial sponsorship of the event to logo placement on items such as the passes that everyone at the event wears . This is an ideal way of creating massive exposure to a highly targeted market. All the below can be sponsored at very reasonable rates...

Arena`s & venues
Event Passes
Staff uniforms -staff
Staff uniform -bar staff


If you have an ad that you would like to run at the Caister Weekender we can arrange for it to appear on anything from the event lanyards to the tv channels that are played in all accommodation throughout the site.  Event programme rates, for advertising in the programmes given to everyone at each event, are listed below.


Your company product or logo can be printed on the Lanyards used at every event at a very reasonable cost.


Within the main arena there are pitches available for retailers to set up stalls. These have proven to be very profitable in the past as they are in high footfall areas.


Caister Weekenders produce thousands of programme's for every event. They given away free to everyone who attends the event, as well as to guests, artistes, staff and as official souvenirs, etc.

About a third of the programme's produced for each Weekender are then sent out in the post immediately after each event to people enquiring about the next Caister Weekender and our other events.  They serve as our advance advertising and are obviously a great promotional tool, both at the Caister Weekender and beyond.  

Many people, businesses and record companies have contacted us about advertising their own products, their shops or business, and all manner of things in the Caister programme so we are now making this service available at what we feel are very reasonable rates.

Most of the details and prices for advertisers are shown below. Further details are available direct from Caister HQ, Please contact us on the telephone number below or e-mail us for further information.

Advertising Sizes



The programme is printed throughout in full colour.
(For any additional spot colours please e-mail us for details)


Finished artwork can be supplied in the following formats:

Preferably in print quality PDF  (at least 300dpi)

Alternatively as JPEG, JPG,  EPS or  TIFF (created in Photoshop, Illustrator etc);
and can be supplied on any of the following; CD, DVD  or preferably via EMAIL
(If e-mailing copy please ring first for e-mail address to send artwork)


1. If applicable, MAC format fonts will also need to be supplied.
2. All pages are full colour, so please supply as CMYK.
4. All finished artwork to be supplied at least 28 days prior to each event.


New customers - full payment required with copy.
Existing clients - 21 days from date of invoice.
Payment can be made by Cheque, Cash or by Credit Card.

For further details please contact Caister HQ
on Tel: 0844 585 1000 or Email:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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