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Approximately two weeks before each event we will post you your WEEKENDER ADMISSION TICKET. Without your ticket you will not be admitted to the Holiday Centre. Your ticket must be shown at the main gate, please then go directly to RECEPTION, hand your ticket in at Reception where you will be given your WEEKENDER PASS plus your free event programme and the key to your accommodation. Your Weekender pass MUST be worn or carried at all times. (Most people find it best to wear their pass around their neck where it can be easily identified, lanyards are available at Reception). Your pass is your ‘ticket’ to enter the Entertainment Buildings, BBQ and venues for the entire event and represents the full ticket value for the whole weekend. Your pass cannot be replaced, if you lose it you will have to pay again so take special care not to lose it!



You can arrive at Vauxhall Holiday Park any time after the time shown on your ticket. Please do not arrive before the time on your ticket. If arriving by car you will be allocated a parking place in our security patrolled car park. After showing your ticket at the main gate please go immediately to Reception and exchange your ticket for your “‘Weekender Pass’. (You may be asked to show additional I.D.) You will also be given a free Event Programme containing full details about the Weekender, site maps, etc. N.B: Reception will be open until 11pm for you to check in. Please be aware that you may have to queue due to the numbers attending, particularly during the very busy period between 4pm-7pm.



If staying in a local hotel, please book into your hotel first, unpack, and then come along to the event to collect your pass. If you are camping or bringing your own campervan please arrive between 12 mid-day and 2pm, regardless of the time shown on your ticket, so we can allocate your pitch. If camping please make sure you tell a member of staff at the Main Gate on arrival.



We take great care to stop non-paying outsiders from enjoying our event and we ask that you wear or carry your Weekender Pass at all times. We suggest that you wear your Pass around your neck on one of the special lanyards available from Reception. Remember, if you lose your Pass you will have to pay again to get into the venues. Your Weekender Pass allows you entrance into the entertainment buildings & games centre. It is also your free membership to Vauxhall Holiday park clubs during your residence at the Holiday Centre.



After you collect your “Weekender Pass” then to speed up checking-in your Party Leader, or one member of your group, needs to go to the Key Collection Counter to collect your key. The Party leader only simply shows their pass whilst the rest of the group wait outside. Please do not let all of the group clog the counter. If you have more than one unit of accommodation the Party leader can collect all the keys. IMPORTANT: At the end of the event when you depart you must return your keys to Reception. If you fail to do this you will be charged £10 per key for all non returned keys.



We welcome everyone to display their banners, posters etc, on the outside of their vans, but please make sure that when you remove them you also take care to remove all traces of adhesive. Please use string, cable ties, Blu-Tac or non marking Sticky Dots and make sure that all traces of adhesive etc are removed when you take down your banners.



Reception will open each day from 11am until 11pm. Please come to Reception if you have any problems or require any information. You can also book for the next 2 Caister Weekenders at Reception any time during the weekend. Please book as early as possible to secure the best accommodation.



Inside the Main Arena you will find the Merchandise Stalls, selling a wide selection of official Caister Weekender merchandise. There is a Cloakroom facility next to the merchandise stalls, which can be used for coats and bags.



There is only limited car parking available at the Holiday Centre, therefore if you are coming by car please car-shareas much as possible, you will be directed to the main car park at the main gate on arrival.

Caister Elite Members can park by their own accommodation provided that they do not move their vehicles until they leave the event. For Elite parking privilege either the driver or front passenger must produce their Elite card on arrival at the main gate and must use the parking bays or grass by your accommodation. Elite vehicles leaving their on-site parking will not be re-admitted and will have to park in the main car park.



You will be allocated either Holiday Homes or Chalet Apartments for your stay. Your accommodation comes complete with a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, cooker, plates, utensils etc. All heating and lighting in your accommodation is free, subject to reasonable use. Before you arrive your accommodation will have been checked by the Holiday Centre Staff. If you find any damage or anything else wrong, please report it to Reception immediately. Please treat your accommodation with respect, Security will checkout the accommodation at the end of the weekend and you will be charged for any damage or breakages.



Many bedrooms have pillows, duvets with sheets etc. However you need to bring your own towels, soap, toiletries toilet roll etc. N.B. We recommend that everyone in groups of 5 or more bring some additional bedding, sheets, pillowcases and duvets etc with them. Bedding is not provided for the make-up beds of sofas.

Please note most accommodation has either a sofa or convertible bed-settee in the lounge. These will have to be used as part of your sleeping arrangements if: 1) You were a later booking (you will have a bed-settee in the lounge). 2) Your group size is an odd number, such as 5,7,9 etc (You may need to use the normal sofa). 3) You were late returning your Confirmation Form or any photos. 4) Your group has changed size since you originally booked.  Also note that all accommodation includes at least one double bed.



At every event we could make a fortune selling swimming costumes! So many people forget to bring them, then see the Waterworld and wished they had. So this time don’t forget to bring your swimwear. The tropical Waterworld is FREE for you to use over the entire weekend so you can shoot the rapids, frolic in the fountains, whizz down the waterslides or relax and just sit and chill and watch the world go by.



Our famous Caister BBQ takes place on all three afternoons, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 12 mid-day under the Terrace. Your chance to enjoy this famous Caister tradition plus the BBQ DJ team pumping out the tunes.

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