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The following are original versions of artwork that were either rejected (understandably in some cases) for use in Caister programmes, forums etc, or eventually used after some minor changes. We trust that you (and the victims) will see the funny side!

No animals were hurt in the making of this page. Any similarity to anyone living or dead is entirely coincidental Wink



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Caister Lonely Hearts

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Where Are They Now ?

Some of you have been in contact to ask what happens to DJs when they  have finished their tour of duty at Caister, do they, like General Douglas MacArthur, simply fade away? Where do they go? What has happened to certain DJs. We hope to try and find out for you and put that information here when people let us know.....

Where Are They Now


We heard he went on a sightseeing tour of New York.....



We heard he joined the Taliban but he keeps his hand in by DJing at the Taliban Ramadan Party every year.....

Scott James


After finding "religion" with his sermon at the Millennium Caister, we heard that Steve now plays his organ at evangelical gatherings in Akansas....

Steve Wren


Went on a sightseeing tour of Southeast Asia....


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