Name - Tom Holland
D.O.B - Very Early Age
First Gig - Playing 78' s during Saturday afternoons (Fee 2 Jamboree Bags and 1 Choc Ice)
First Serious Gig - Zodiac Room at the Volunteer Pub, Barking 1973, seven nights a week.

Tom transferred to the Goldmine in 1975 after preventing a major punch up, after that he worked with Hilly at The Goldmine then The Lacy Lady until 1978. When Hilly moved back to The Goldmine, Tom stayed on at The Lacy Lady until its closure in 1979. It was during this time at the Lacy that Tom was invited by Showstoppers to DJ at a brand new event, Caister.

From 1979 to 1984 Tom DJ'd all over the country at many of the top soul venues, plus all the major All- dayers and Soul Weekenders.

In 1985 he took a back step from DJ'ing and moved into Club Manangement but still carried on Dj'ing on a smaller scale.

Over the past century or two Tom has worked many times with one of the UKs most prolific promoters, known only as Don Brian to his friends (but all sorts of things behind his back!).

He was invited to DJ at the Camber Sands Weekender and then asked to appear at the new Caister Weekender, and has since had many happy times meeting old and new faces at these events. Tom says he is looking forward to appearing in this new Millennium with old friends and many new friends.

We Belong Together-Final Touch
I Still Love You-Windy City
Mercy Mercy Me-Marvin Gaye
Why Do I-Johnny Adams
Until You Come Back to Me-Aretha Franklyn
Girl Across the Street-Moses Smith
Love Theme in the Key of D-Taj Mahal
I am Gonna Miss You-Artistics
Up Where We Belong-Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes

The Magnificent Seven
Citizen Kane
True Grit
The Birds
Enter the Dragon
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Alamo
Basic Instinct