I First started DJ'ing at the age of 13, first tunes motown, early ska,soul etc. Got paid the sum of £10.00….which covered the gear £4.10shillings and 6 pence [old]money…not bad at all in its day. Was also roadie for Tony Hall at this time, very early days of mobile discos, school by day discos by night…not a bad life at all, stayed with this until I was 16 then tapped me dad for £400.00 for my own disco unit which was called METRO MOBILE DISCOTEQUE
payed him back within 6 months and upgraded to a bigger setup within 2 years, 300watts rms, 3 decks, loads of lights…wot a show…I even had hair in those days.

At 19 I joined the pub/club circuit and stayed with this until I became a redcoat at Bognor Regis, used to wake up the punters at 6.30am over the tannoy system…not the most popular redcoat around! need I say more

to be continued………..
with the next instalment find out how the infamous DANTES on the south coast came about….
The Alldayers The Allnighters the Gigs and MORE……………