michael angol  

Michael Angol

Michael was born in West London to the local Sound System owner Paul Angol. Michael says he never found music as music found him and together their love remains. In the early 80’s he flirted with playing to crowds, mainly family and friends until he had the opportunity to cover a radio show on the newly formed T.K.O. 90.9 FM in Crystal Palace.

After a 2 year spell on T.K.O. Michael moved closer to home and joined Time Radio. The demand for Michael’s versatility was soon noted as he assisted on 5 R.S.L’s, 3 for Fusion Radio in South London and 2 for the late Tony Williams on Rockers FM. Having taken a short break from radio Michael saw an opportunity to get back on the horse when Soulconnexion Radio advertised for presenters, he says he saw the opportunity and was on the case like Columbo, “Just One More Thing”. In May 2017 Michael was given the chance to join Caister Soul Weekender Radio. He has said he felt like he’s been a part of the set up for years and he looks forward to his upcoming 25th Soul Weekender.


1. 12 Angry Men.

2. Witness for the Prosecution.

3. Coming to America.

4. Trading Places.

5. The Hangover.


1. Delroy Wilson. Better must Come.

2. Dennis Brown. Silhouette.

3. Sugar Minnot. Lovers Rock.

4. Tarrus Riley. Stress.

5. Bob Marley. Waiting in vain.


1. MJB. Love No Limit.

2. Dazz Band. Starship.

3. Faith Evans - You Used To Love Me

4. Glen Jones. You’re The Only One I Love.

5. Usher. That’s What It’s Made For.