Lee 'fatbloke' Aldwinkle

I have always had a passion for music even as a child doing my own rendition of ‘Son of my Father’ by chicory tip (yep, did I just admit that).

I started DJ’ing at about 16 doing family parties, which progressed to the mobile circuit. Music for me was exciting, I would give anything a go, however, soul/disco always stood out for me. I remember tuning into the Soul Spectrum and other radio shows thinking “I need to have that tune no matter what”. And so the journey began………

When I was not eating I would be flipping through any vinyl that I could, trying to find that killer tune...sometimes doing both at the same time. I continued on the mobile circuit until I started to play at a Soul night in a local establishment in Grays, Essex. Finally I could play what I loved ‘Soul, Disco and funk’.

Whilst other people I knew were throwing their hands up in the air and shouting ‘aciiiiid’ I searched for venues who played the music I wanted to hear. I discovered Berwick Manor, Zero 6, Kings, Lacy Lady, Grays Inn Winebar, basically anywhere I could get a Soul fix. Then in 1994…. Utopia…. the return of the Caister Soul Weekend!!! Off I went not really knowing what to expect.. but wow, was I surprised. Fantastic music, fantastic venue and above all fantastic likeminded people, this was my mecca!

The years rolled past and as my music collection got bigger, my wallet smaller and my waist bigger, I hung up the headphones until around 2007 when I decided to start my own internet radio station.

Every Friday night my wife and I would open up a few bottles and play music with the aim of playing Soul/Jazz/Funk to whoever wanted to tune in, to be honest sometimes just to us.

In 2009 I joined Zeroradio, presenting SoulCity @ 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, 5 years later I’m still there playing all the well-known anthems and mixing it up with something a little different - but of course, all in the Soul/Jazz/funk arena.

The DJ’ing bug bit me again and I have been invited to play at QdOS, BarSoul, Killer Soul, Soul by the Jetty & 5 Star Soul to name a few…. I was totally hooked. Teaming up with my Soul buddy (well Soul Daddy…don’t tell him I said that) The Rev Brian Kelly for gigs we attend is a major honour for me…and for him of course..lol

Top 10 Music (very hard but in no particular order)

Every way but loose – Oneness of JuJu
I don’t wanna be a lone ranger – Hidden Strength
Bump & Hustle music – Tommy Stewart
How could you break my heart – Bobby Womack
Groove On – Willie beaver Hale
You ought to be in pictures – Lamont Dozier
I Love You – A taste of honey
Soul City Walkin – Archie Bell
African Rhythms – The Rhythm factory
Anything where Luther Vandross is involved

Top 10 Films/TV (very hard but in no particular order)

Dumb & Dumber
Life of Brian
The Commitments
The Exorcist
The Shawshank Redemption
The Inbetweeners
Anything with Holly Willoughby in it.