John OsborneAfter many years of searching for the perfect radio station to play his music on including Invicta, Virgin, Absolute and Gold, John’s now delighted to be on Jazz FM where you can hear him present the weekend breakfast show every Saturday & Sunday morning. Definitely the only radio warm-up while you are waiting for the Caister Weekender to arrive. Now also presenting ‘Funky Sensation’ on JazzFM every Saturday 6-10pm playing all those Jazz/Funk’n’ Soul classics, plus the best of the latest new tunes, why not drop him an e-mail and maybe he'll play your favourite track?

John's got some great stories about his broadcast career. There's the one when he interviewed Madonna before she became a mega star. She was chatty and pleasant, and wearing a very short tennis skirt - let's just say John couldn't concentrate very well! After fluffing his questions a second time Madonna asked him if there was anything she could do to help!

He also had another funny interview experience. While working at a station in South London, John couldn't believe it when Mary Wilson from the Supremes came to visit him in the studio. Things were going well until his boss appeared at the kitchen door to offer him a cup of tea (it was a 'pirate' radio station run from a mate's house). The thing is, the boss was completely naked and John just wanted to die! Mary, however, accepted the offer of some tea, saying, "yes please, honey, with cream and sugar." What a gal!

Victoria Beckham wasn’t so happy with John when he called her ‘Posh Spice’ while interviewing the Spice Girls at Capital Radio. John’s interviewed many recording artists during his career, his fav soul interview was with Ray Parker Jn in the mid 80’s..John had been at an afternoon drinks party at Blues & Soul Mag…most people were getting very merry and the queue for the loo was a long one, whilst waiting the lovely Froggy (RIP), who was a hero to John, suggested he drink a glass of what he was having…John never did find out what the concoction was but it made the interview with Ray Parker he did later that day a complete blur. John was working for Soul on Sound Magazine at the time.

John Off Air

John may have made it onto national radio but he still has a lot of wishes to fulfil.

His dream car is an E-type Jaguar, and for things to be truly perfect, he'd want a chauffeur to drive him too. But that's not all. John's other dream is to travel more. He'd love to go on safari for a really exciting adventure. But if you ask him about his ideal relaxing holiday, he'll tell you it's got to involve a yacht which would sail him around the world, with a helicopter to pick him up whenever he felt like going ashore. Dream on John - no chance with your wages from Caister!

Back to real life... John's an Arsenal supporter. He's spent lots of his time recently on DIY - not actually doing it, but finding other people to do it for him! He hates back stabbers (not the song, the people) and boiled potatoes

John's Top Tunes
Maze - 'Joy and Pain'
Gap Band - 'Outstanding'
Strangers - 'Step Out of My Dreams'
Taja Sevelle - 'Love is Contagious'
Cheryl Lynn - 'Encore'
Marvin Gaye - 'What's Goin' On'
Lonnie Liston - 'Expansions'

Male Soul Voice Marvin Gaye, Female Jill Scott… Band Maze
Fav…Chill-Out Tune ‘Whats Going On’…..Fav Sing-Out-Loud song ‘Joy & Pain’