DOB 16.7.62:
Jazzbod I was born at a time with the biggest ever musical influence on the whole of the music scene;  I think my earliest influence is Motown, that is not to say that I don’t appreciate some rock and pop artists who set bench marks and standards for both vocalists and musicians: The likes of Sam Cooke set the soul scene, whilst Chuck Berry was putting a ding a ling into rock n roll.  I can listen to any type of music but have always had a passion for SOUL MUSIC, some of you will understand me if I said “If I have to explain it then you would not understand”  SO TRUE

Top five films
Godfather 1&2
Green mile
Shawshank Redemption

Top five soul bands
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes
Earth Wind and Fire
Brothers Johnson

Tops five artists
Phyllis Hyman
Teddy Pendergrass
Ronnie laws
Johnny Bristol
Marvin Gaye

Top five choons – very very hard here goes.
Phyllis hyman – you know how to love me (I love anything by her, my favourite)
Lee Garrett -  Your my everything
Rose Royce – is it love that you’re after
Marvin Gaye – Whats going on
Johnny  Hammond - Fantasy

I done my first Djing at a club in Romford called the Rezz, 1979 - the resident DJ (Mick Zip) used to warm up for Hilly at the Goldmine and took me under his wing and from that day I was in a trance with the soul scene, I used to go to the Goldmine, Sheffield Arms, Seven kings hotel (Lacy) Room at the top, flicks, stage 3, zero6, Tots, Tiffany’s and regency suite, Ilford Palais and so many others.
Hence the reason I started collecting and sniffing Vinyl form an early and I still can’t help but feel like a kid in a sweet shop when I see vinyl in all these charity shops and boot fairs, I don’t lend Vinyl but if I have a Choon I will share it to spread and educate people into buying music from Crazy beat and the other shops: 

My real passion is digging out old and rare groove soul choons that don’t get played.

I used to religiously listen to Robbie Vincent on Radio London and to Greg Edwards

Done the early Caisters and stopped going when Caister disbanded and went to bognor and prestatyn, tried them a few times but they were not the same. Got back into it a few Caisters ago, I have never stopped collecting and playing with my small collection of Vinyl and mp3s (LOL)

I am still transferring vinyl now – will never sell it, I do have some choons in another Pandora’s Box, that will get played at some stage, please don’t tell Roni
Been with My wife Sue since1980 and have 2 children

Mark O’Brien
AKA…. Jazzbod