Ian Mortimer
It all started at the school discos back in the mid 70’s. I remember hearing this track which started with a snare drum then a fantastic male vocal leading into a crescendo of strings “Long after tonight is all over”-Jimmy Radcliffe!

You all know the feeling, hairs standing up, bottom lip being pincered by a set of teeth!! Hence forth I became a collector of soul music. Thanks to Winston (Caister photographer extraordinaire) I started djing at a small club in Gt Yarmouth 1980, standing in for him on Tuesday nights and Sunday afternoons.

I remember I was so nervous on the first night I could hardly put the needle at the start of the record because my hands were shaking so much!!

In the early 80’s after discovering The Caister Soul Weekend, The Goldmine, Zero 6, (you know the score, check out Blues ‘n’ Soul to see where we would be heading that weekend) I was asked to be the warm up dj at Richard’s Parties in Gt Yarmouth. I remember the 1st gig at The Aquarius (later to be called Scruples) on the seafront; over the next few years I was warming up for luminaries such as Bob Jones, Pete Tong, Giles Peterson and Max Rees.

The late 90’s and early naughties saw me make my first appearance at Caister on the radio with Mark Goddard hosting the breakfast show (“what’s in ya bag”) and a stint in the sports bar in the afternoons. Currently djing at ‘Soul In The Fine City’ gigs in Norwich (Mojo’s, Beluga), Richard’s Parties in Gt Yarmouth & The Zoo in Lowestoft plus weddings and parties with my trusty roadshow I would class myself as a punter first and foremost and to be asked to dj at Caister or any other venue is a bonus and an honour, enabling me to share my love of music with likeminded punters.

Top Ten Toons.

In no particular order and will probably be completely different by the time you read this!

All Because Of You – Leroy Hutson

Recipe For Peace – Bobby Patterson

I’m Just A Kiss Away – Buddy Miles

Ascension – Maxwell

Free Love – Jean Carne

Stay – Controllers

Got To Get Your Own – Reuben Wilson

Love Has Come Around – Donald Byrd

Keep It Up – Milton Wright

Ordinary Joe – Terry Callier

Fave Films




Sister Act

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Schindler's List

Toy Story 3

The Wizard of Oz

Any Norman Wisdom Film !