Hello you! So you made it to my profile picture and bio?

There are quite a few others to read through aren't there? All of them DJ's of the highest order and I'm very honoured just to be in their number.

Okay, so this is about me:

I was lucky to have parents who loved their music and grew up listening to the top rock'n roll, pop, country and soul artists of the fifties, sixties and seventies that THEY grew up listening to from their teens to their thirties. The radio was always on and to check out the top pop tunes on TV there was of course good old Top of the Pops every Thursday evening on BBC1. Halcyon days.

But what was it about soul music that made it my favourite genre of all?

I've my mother to thank for this, as whe was always playing Gladys Knight, Al Green, Johnny Bristol and Barry White at home to name just three and my soul journey started from there and hasn't stopped to this day.

It's the vocal deliveries, the rhythms and types of melodic shifts unique to the genre that drew me in and of course, it's very easy to dance to. If you can dance that is.

I dabbled in live deejaying for a bit in the early days; first of all with my Dad at our local residents club on Christmas Eve 1978 when i was 14 as the regular DJ cancelled at short notice. We received a standing ovation! There there were a few more times with Dad after that and at a couple of sixth form disco's and the like but that was about it for a long while.

Socially in my teens and twenties I went out with my chums to most of the top clubs in east and north London, the West End and Essex, lapping up the soul scene of the eightes as it was then. Soul and jazz-funk radio for me was listening to Greg Edwards, Robbie Vincent and the leading soul pirate radio stations of the day.

Halcyon days again.

But it was when I fell in love with radio presenting (hospital and community radio at first) that it really kicked in for me personally; presenting request shows at two hospital radio stations in the 1990's and then generic commercial music on community radio in the early 2000's (along the way I've also MC'd live community events on stage to hundreds and even thousands of spectators when I was a member of these community stations) until finally in 2006, I presented my very first soul radio show on a community radio station in Essex.

Since then I've presented old and 21st Century soul shows on leading internet soul stations you'll know in Essex and London until I was given the call-up to present on Caister Radio for September 2016. I still can't believe it now to be honest.

So if you catch me playing live in the rooms or on Caister Radio it'll probably be with the 21st Century music in particular as part of or all the sets, but it'll always be something that's upbeat or at least interesting. Come over and say hello.

Soul singles? Forget it, too many to list here so I'll list some of my favourite soul albums instead:

Issac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On
Al Green - Call Me
Stevie Wonder - Music Of my Mind / Talking Book / Inervisions / Fullingness' First Finale / Songs in the Key of Life
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Maxwell - Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite
Jarrod Lawson - Jarrod Lawson
Louie Vega - Starring XXVII

Films? Too many to mention but to give you an idea, I love:

Get Carter
The Long Good Friday
The Road To Perdition
The Godfather Trilogy
The Dark Knight Trilogy
The (original) Star Wars Trilogy
Most James Bond films
It's A Wonderful Life
On The Waterfront
Some Like It Hot
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 2049

Thanks for reading. Now where did I put my white socks and whistle...?