Who wants to know about me?

My name is Dave Palmer and I was born on 9th June 1968.

My DJ career started when my friend was running an under 18’s night at the Highfield centre in Dartford, where I would set up the equipment for him. I started as a warm up DJ at the Highfield centre and I have worked in pubs and clubs ever since. We then started to do mobile Disco’s for weddings etc. Because the equipment did not belong to us I started to buy bits and pieces as we went along.

I started working at soul nights back in 1984/5 working in a cloakroom in Crayford Town Hall which was running a weekly soul night. I was being paid about £2.50 per night, some things haven’t change much over the years!

I went to the first Camber Soul Weekender and loved every minute of it. At the second Weekender someone asked me if I could put my sound system in the alternative room, which I did. Since then I have been working on all the weekenders and I can hardly walk with all of these passes!

I now DJ at the Caister Soul Weekenders as well as supply equipment in the BBQ area and elsewhere. If anybody would like to ask me any questions I will be at the bar. Mine’s a pint!

Thanks for supporting me....

Here is my Top Ten Favourite Records over the years, in no particular order:

1. Sharon Red - Never Gonna give you up
2. Toni Lee - reach up
3. Change - change of heart
4. Bob James - Westchester Lady
5. War - me and baby brother
6. Jones Girls - nights over Egypt
7. Sharon Red - beat the street
8. Linx - Your lying
9. Maze - joy and pain
10. Tyronne Bronson - smurf

Here’s my favourite films

1. Animal Farm
2. Debbie Does Dallas
3. Mad Max
4. Back to the Future
5. Rambo
6. Speed
7. Airplane
8. Police Academy
9. Fatal Attraction
10. Planet of the Apes

Here are my top five favourite programs

West Wing
South Park
Harry Enfield