I Started dj ing at 19 playing the music that I love, from house parties and pubs in East London to clubs and festivals in St Lucia and Switzerland, still doing it 18 years on and still enjoying it.
Earliest influences at the time of my venturing out into the dj world were the likes of Norman Jay (disco) Jazzy B (funk) Trevor Nelson (soul) Lloyd Brown (two step soul/rare groove) Steve Wren (rnb & hip hop)……………and Gary Dennis (for inspiration)
Unfortunately many of the clubs associated with the new and old Caister never saw me at their doors, mainly because at the time it wasn't my scene - I was and will always be a Shake and Fingerpop/Family Funktion, Soul II soul and Madhatters enthusiast - so instead of heading to deepest Kent for a night out, I would head west and find myself in Grove, Bush and City or other salubrious places in West London for my fix of Good Times.

The Caister scene is still new to me and I am glad I am, relatively speaking, still a virgin, because if I was around then I would be burnt out by now or in rehab!

Most asked question? 'Why do you always look so serious?'

Answer - 'cos I'm working and I take my djing serious!'

Least asked question? 'Fancy a shag?'Answer - no thanks I've already eaten!

Top 10 Tunes

1. Any Love - Rufus and Chaka Khan
2. You're the Best - Emotions
3. Wanted, Dead or Alive - Voices of East Harlem
4. Joyous - Pleasure
5. Can I Get a Witness - Barbra Randolph
6. Tow-away-zone - Diane Jenkins
7. Hey Lucinda - Jones Girls
8. Give the People What They Want- O'Jays
9. Plenty Good Lovin - MFSB
10. Atmosphere Strutt - Cloud One

Top 5 Movies

1. Thank God It's Friday
2. The Warriors
3. Shaft in Africa
4. They Call Me Mr Tibbs
5. Foxy Brown