Andy Unique Rhythm - The Story so Far!
Brought up on strong diet of jazz, and 70s and 80s soul and funk, influenced by his dad and older brother, Andy started DJ'ing around 1986 playing a wide range of dance music. Within the next five years he built up his career playing at various venues, with residencies on the south coast at the legendary and soon to return funkshank nights, and in London at Republic of London.

In 1991 he got together with Sarah and set up Unique Rhythm, promoting and DJ'ing at various parties in and around London. During this time they made regular visits to Caister and the Lacy Lady, loving the music and the atmosphere of people enjoying themselves and getting really into the tunes.

It was in November 96 they got a regular slot at Soul Heaven at Berwick Manor, followed quickly by their first Caister booking in May 97 making many new friends and enjoying themselves along the way! In between they built up two new weekly residences Wednesday's at Zens alongside Froggy and Fridays at the Rex, again with the Frog, (I'm sure he'd had enough of us by the Weekend! says Andy) but they did manage to build up a great friendship and working relationship plus the opportunity of playing with a whole host of live acts and DJ s including Greg Edwards, Odyssey and Edwin Starr.

They continued a great year of enjoyment and work (if that's what you call it) throughout 97 along with their regular backroom session down at Soul Heaven, until the end of August when Sarah sadly lost her life in a road accident.

For Andy to start DJ'ing again and going back to do Caister was tough and the easiest thing would have been to duck out. But he says "the encouragement I received from friends, family and everyone involved at Caister and the feeling Sarah would not be happy with me giving up like that, gave me the strength to continue". And from playing his first record at Caister he realised that he had done the right thing, quickly learning you can never underestimate the power of music and it's healing properties.

Andy returned to Berwick for Soul Heaven on a monthly basis and had a brilliant New Year's Eve night with a six hour session from 1997-1998.

The new year started well and Soul Heaven was rocking especially in the back room where Andy was joined by Frostie. It was a strange mixture but worked well and most importantly they had a great time along with everyone else. In March 98 Frostie invited Andy down to do one of his Clacton gigs.

"For those of you who haven't been to a Clacton Weekender, picture Caister on a smaller scale without any of the brilliant organisation we are used to at Caister, run by a piss head for piss heads (it's a compliment, honest!) and in the 45 minutes I was given to DJ in was enough for him to invite me back which I look forward to everytime (although I always take a tent just in case). But despite his lack of room allocation skills, Frostie always seems able to put on a party as I have witnessed whenever I've played at one of his Clacton or Soul City do's" recalls Andy.

"It was a shame when Soul Heaven moved from it's spiritual home when Berwick Manor closed in October 98 and despite some cracking nights with myself, Frostie and Tommy Holland it never seemed the same at Chains before that closed but I am sure we will find a replacement soon".

May 98 saw the return of a Unique Rhythm party with a full house over 2 floors at the Rex, with music superbly supplied by Gary Dennis, Frostie, Oz and Steve (Soulmole) plus Andy of course. Then in June 99 Andy had a great time at Ascot on his birthday as Unique Rhythm sound system took over the main car park playing to thousands whilst the local police looked on and requested more Roy Ayers!

For those of you who are Unique Rhythm Members, don't worry Andy says he has not forgotten, your membership cards will be valid at the forthcoming UR nights, Funkshack, and Ascot Day. All of which you will receive details of in the post.

He is currently working on a music project called "Soulmole" with an album due to be released this year (some tracks you will already have heard in hisCaister sets) whilst he has continually turned down offers to start up a boy band with Froggy and Frostie!

But in the meantime Andy says "I am looking forward to seeing you all at the next Caister Weekender, you can't go wrong, no cabs, no queues and another party the next day.. what are you waiting for? See ya!"

  My Top 10 Tunes
Nu Yorican Soul Its Alright, I Feel It lyrics send shivers down my spine everytime!
Gwen Mcrae 90% of me is you, If I could sing, this is what I d sing!
Francine McGee Delirium/Feelin Good, what a groove!
Bas Noir I m Glad You Came To Me, early vocal house at it s best.
Loose Ends Managing a String, take it from the top!
Jestofunk For Your Precious Love, Shake your breemfers from start to finish.
Melissa Morgan Fool's Paradise, you d better think twice, cause its very nice
Norma Jean Bell I m the Baddiest Bitch, soulful garage at it s best.
Roy Ayers Running Away/Searching, to name just two
Lisa Lisa I Wonder If I Take You Home, always in my box I could go on all night!

Other honourable mentions must go to Mantronix, Young MC, Indeep, Chaka Khan, James Brown and the Wombles!

My Top 10 Films
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels - fukin northern monkeys!
Austin Powers 1 & 2 - stupid, stupid, stupid. And why not!
Face Reservoir Dogs - East London Style!
Donnie Brasco - forget about it!
Blazing Saddles - top fart scene!
White Men Can t Jump Ya Mum!
Animal House - toga! Toga!
Star Wars - use the force!
Blues Brothers - I have seen the light!
Jungle Book - Bear necessities, top tune!

My Top 5 Caister Things
Atmosphere The biggest, friendliest party you ll ever go to!
Chips & Gravy - A lifesaver at 5 in the morning.
Talking Absolute Bollox! guilty!
Dancing to Spanish Hustle - my feet are a blur to this one
Lager, Lager, Lager! getting on the source.

Many thanks to all my unique rhythm girls & boys for always keeping a smile on my face, Brian and Charlie and all the Caister DJ s and crew, especially Froggy and Frostie for all the encouragement, my family especially my bruv, new sis and Heidi for always being there, and all of u who come up and say such nice things when I m playing!